The Story

Although jewelry-making began as an accidental love, it grew into a unique and a compelling passion. After visiting Miami I stumbled across a jewerly boutique. I instantly fell in love with the unique big statement necklaces and earrings.I loved how the ladies in the boutique pick different pieces to display there personality and mood. How a pair of earrings added extra sparkle. How the necklace made her dress not boring (her words not mine! Lol!) From all the sparkles and different gems sizes,colors and shapes. The fact that you can mix and match stones to create a masterpiece to add an extra impresstion to any outfit. After spending time there I knew than I wanted to make and sell Jewelry. My personality has always been vibrant and colorful and uniquely different! I knew I wanted pieces that was also unique and different as well. Ear'lisious Ear Candy was established January 2017. I began small with just 11 pairs of earrings! We opened as a mobile boutique. We would make local mobile deliveries and sell at local vendor fairs. Over time we started selling online and open a online store and than grew into a jewerly boutique in June 2018.
Fast forward we grew more and more and started selling clothing and swimwear and personal styling as well. 2020 we moved into a bigger storefront located in Louisville Ky. 
I'm always available for questions or inquiries please email [email protected]